Learning to Code Via Codecademy

Amy M Thornton

October 7, 2016

Learning new skills can be intimidating. 

And if you are anything like me…can be frustrating if you don’t ‘get it’ right away.  In attempting to expand my skill set I thought it would be a great idea to learn the basic in’s and out’s of web development.  Codecademy has made this possible and is an avenue I would recommend to anyone wishing to learn to code.

In high school I was on yearbook, becoming the editor in chief my senior year and was pretty tech savvy at the time.  We had an awesome opportunity to attend a yearbook camp two summers in a row at Pepperdine University (probably the dorkiest thing ever) in order to hone our designing skills and familiarity with software programs.  During the week long intensive program we were taught new programs, graphic design and layout concepts, as well as time management skills needed in order to complete the upcoming yearbook with ease.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot! However once I went to college I let my skills slip away and with technologies quickly evolving I found myself in an unfamiliar world of design technology.  One I didn’t think I could navigate on my own. UNTIL I found out about Codecademy from several friends.

While coding is much different from graphic design and layouts, web development as a whole requires knowledge of a variety of components.  Being an individual who values independence and self sufficiency…learning to code seemed like the most natural thing to do.  If I want to create my own website at any point in time I would want to be able to do it myself.  Codecademy has allowed me to do this. 

Learning the basics of html has been incredible…you get to create something visual out of a combination of words and symbols.  If you are creative in any way, or like to see results from the fruits of your labor this is the path to take. The lessons are straight forward and they even have quizzes to test your knowledge. However I found it necessary to self test in order to really memorize the language without referencing the site.  And in doing so I am now able to create a simple website with copy, pictures and links in a matter of 10-20 mins.  While this is just scratching the surface of web development, Codecademy has given me the confidence to continue.  And hopefully with a lot of diligence, devotion, and burning eyes I will further my capacities.  Maybe one day I’ll enroll in a coding bootcamp to further these skills even more.  Until then, Codecademy will be my numero uno pal.


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